Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Coffee

Where would the world be without coffee? Seriously, everyone I know drinks it and loves it. I must admit that I love a good cup of java .I have to go out on a limb and tell you my secret. I like it iced! Cuppy's Coffee serves specialty coffee, espresso, lattes, and smoothies. You can go into the cafe and enjoy breakfast, lunch, a snack, or a treat while you enjoy your coffee. In a hurry? That's not a problem since the drive thru service will serve your gourmet coffee in under a minute!

I'm not sure about you but I like to try different coffees from different vendors. The hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary this week and we are planning a short trip to Knoxville. Well, guess where one of the newest Cuppy locations is? That's right, Knoxville! I can't wait to walk in and smell the wonderful aroma of the gourmet coffees they have to offer. I'm already looking over the menu so that I can go prepared to order. Right now I'm leaning toward the iced vanilla latte or the raspberry mocha. There are so many yummy things on the menu that it's hard to decide. I may end up choosing something totally different when I walk in and smell the heavenly scent of coffee. I'll think about you while I'm enjoying it and wishing you were with me!


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Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with Cuppy's - I guess they don't have it in this part of the country. But I know I can't part with my java either!

ZAM said...

Advance Happy Anniversary!

I'm really not much of a coffee drinker - I'm more of a choco/tea drinker - but when I go to a coffee shop, I just love the scent of brewing coffee.

Anonymous said...

If you like it iced, then try Cuppy's Frozen Hot Chocolate. It is going to knock your sandals off!Where I live I have 5 locations to choose from so I don't have to sweat my next caffeine fix. Oh, by the way, Happy Anniversary belated.