Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sheeshamoley! A New Craft Blog

Y'all hear me talk about my best gal Jenny a lot around here. She's a hoot and I really enjoy our little get togethers. Last Thursday, she brought her kids and came to my house so that we could make these awesome Jane Austen clothespin dolls (if you want to see the JA dolls, you'll have to watch the video on Martha's site). We were making great progress until my hubby called instructing me to go to his mother's house to check on her. I threw my shoes on and left Jenny here with all the kids. When I got to my MIL's house, she was in the middle of having a heart attack. I hung out there with her and my FIL until EMS arrived and then I headed back home to grab some books and tell everyone I had to head to the hospital. Jenny was kind enough to hang out with my kids until her hubby came to pick her up. Isn't she the bestest?

I do think she's the best and because I do, I want to send you to her new craft blog so that you can see what the two of us have been working on together. Jenny is a very crafty, artsy type and I draw lots of inspiration from her. She'll deny all that but it's all true. She has a whole area in her house that is her "studio" and you'll find tons of craft projects in the works. She has an afghan started and parts of a quilt hanging on the wall. It's awesome. Every time I'm there, I feel crafty! Anyway, head over and look around Sheeshamoley. She just got this up a day or two ago and already she has three or four projects posted. She has the neatest ideas! I wish all of you had a friend like her. She is a hoot!

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Shawna said...

Oh no about your MIL!! Yikes! How is she doing?

Jenny is great. I'll go check out her new blog.