Thursday, January 3, 2008

Small Business Financing

Have you been thinking about starting a small business? Are you looking for ways to finance and expand that business? If you answered yes, then PCA is the company for you. Preferred Capital Alliance, Inc. wants to help you obtain the financing you need to open that business and make it successful. PCA works with over 200 lenders and lessors to help build your business. Their goal is to help you get better rates and terms than your local bank can offer, and in many cases, they are able to do so. PCA is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and they have built a trustworthy reputation. Want to learn more? Click here to learn about business financing . Go online today to chat with a representative and find out how PCA can work for you.

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Jamie Stanton said...

I'll have to keep this post in mind. I want to run a business soon, which means I can use all the help and advice I can get. Lately I've been thinking about buying a business instead of starting one from scratch. Any suggestions? Advice. Thanks.

Jenny Broome said...

Jamie - There are a lot of different resources online. One's called, which is an online global marketplace where you can buy or sell a business. It has advice and help, and you can also use it to find a lender, broker, etc.

I also suggest checking out some books on the subject, local classifieds, and even small business groups in your area. Groups like your local Chamber of Commerce can be very helpful.

Good luck!