Friday, February 8, 2008

The Friday Five

1. Do you consider yourself to be a good housekeeper? Why or why not?

I think I'm a pretty good housekeeper but there is always room for improvement. I like the house to be tidy. When it's untidy, it stresses me. I'm a firm believer in "a place for everything and everything in its place." Having said that, I won't say that everything in our home has a place but I strive for that.

2. Are there any household chores that you enjoy doing? If so, what and why?

I enjoy doing laundry (washing, drying, and folding). Cleaning windows and washing walls are others that I enjoy. I feel like I've exercised when I do those!

3. Which household chore frustrates/angers you the most?

I can't think of anything that angers me. I am frustrated by the accumulation of piles of things around the house. I do not enjoy cleaning up a pile of clothes that someone has laid across a chair or bed :-o) I guess the only thing that truly frustrates me is trying to keep the floors clean.

4. When doing household chores, what do you do to make them seem less of a "chore"?

I love to listen to music while I clean. Classical music is wonderful for this. I find myself lost in the music and don't really think about the chore I'm doing. I also like to get the kids involved so that things are done quickly.

5. Which chore do you find yourself doing most often, and why?

Even my hubby could answer this one. I am most often doing his favorite.... Vacuuming! I have to rib him because he is always picking on me about using the vacuum. I have no idea why he does either. I mean, doesn't everyone vacuum at midnight? LOL! I do this most often because I'm obsessive over clean floors.

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Judi said...

Anytime you run out of walls and windows to clean, come on down!

MondaythroughSunday said...

I so hate piles as well! I do not mind washing clothes, putting them in the dryer, even folding..I HATE putting them away!!

annie said...

I can just see you vacuuming at midnight :)

Denise C said...

Hi Sonya!

I came across you from Jenny's blog...and it really is a small world b/c we live in Piney Flats as well. I am not sure....but I think I went to school with your husband.....and we homeschool as well! Neat huh???
Looking forward to getting to know you....we may possibly be running in the same homeschool circles....and not even know it!
Have a blessed day!
Denise Crockett

Jenny said...

And, my friends, #5 is why Sonya only has a few fibers left in her carpet...

I'm only commenting for the link! lol!

Shawna said...

Gosh, this is the worst meme ever! I hate housework!! But, I'm doing a little better at keeping stuff picked up. I have been sweeping more, and even late at night -- 10 pm. That's pushing it for more though. My husband bought us a Roomba, the robot vacuum. It vacuums our livng room at 3 am. Does that count as me doing housework?! Nah!!