Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fun ~ Gaming Edition

I haven't done a Friday Fun meme before and this one looked fun. So, here it is:

1. What was your favorite outside childhood game? Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard, etc.? When I was young, I really liked kick ball. We played it at school all the time and it was fun to come home and play with neighborhood children too. I'm embarrassed to say that the part I liked best was how you could throw the ball and hit someone to get them out. I guess maybe I was a mean child :-o)

2. How about board games? Do you have a favorite?
I really do like board games. We have many tucked away in our closet. Some of my favorites are Scattergories, Cranium, Pictionary, Phase 10, Rook (although I'm not the greatest player), TriBond, Trivial Pursuit and Blurt. The kids were given Smarter Than A Fifth Grader for Christmas and I actually enjoy it as well.

3. Do you play any PC games? Online or offline? If so, what is your favorite? If not, is there one out there you want to try?
I really do like online games. I played one for a time. My hubby is a huge MMPORPG gamer. Years ago, he played Dark Age of Camelot and talked me into playing with him. It was a ton of fun and very addictive! I had to quit playing because I was spending way too much time playing. However, I'd play again in a heartbeat if I could find a way to manage my time better. Hubby still plays them. Right now, he's playing Lord of the Rings online. He's played everything from Star Wars (which didn't last long), World of Warcraft, to EverQuest. There are tons more but their names escape me.

4. Gaming stations,… there are so many out there and I know jack about them! Do you have one or more and which ones? XBox, XBox 360, Playstation, etc.?
We have an XBox but I don't really like these types of game systems. I'm not sure why because I loved the Nintendo my brother and I had as kids. The girls like the XBox but I think that I might like a Wii. Of course, I don't like the idea of paying for it! LOL!

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Gina Conroy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I used to love playing games. We had Atari growing up! My kids love games also though I limit them to the weekend only and usually only 30 minutes a day on the weekends, though they can earn more time. We started with Nintendo 64, then got a PS2 and then they just had to have the Wii and pooled their money together and bought one. The sports games are fun, though they gravitate to the Mario Party type games which I sometimes play with them but would rather be doing something else!

Anonymous said...

We have an Xbox, but I think I would enjoy a Wii better too. My son likes sports type games (Madden, MLB), so he likes the xbox the best.