Friday, February 15, 2008

My Mom, The Workaholic

My mom has worked in retail for over 25 years. She's been a store manager for most of that time. Recently, she found out that the company she works for is tentatively planning to close the store where she works. It's in Beckley, WV and the store is surrounded by competition. The thing is, they were supposed to close it back in October. Here it is mid-February and the store is still open and going strong. Mom is a really hard worker. She is one of those employees that gives so much to a company only to get very little in return. She has always received wonderful reviews and regular raises. The thing is, the job isn't worth it. It hasn't been for a really long time. She's very over worked, stressed, and very down. I guess that's understandable, seeing as how she doesn't know what she'll do for work in the future. I'm trying to encourage her to be thinking about what she really enjoys doing. Once the store actually closes, she'll get a severance package that will allow her a little time to figure things out. We've asked her to move in with us and take a break from work. She could settle in with us for awhile, take it easy, and slowly figure out what she would like to do. She would be closer to her sisters and her mom. She would get to spend quality time with our family and we would love to have her. I'm not sure that she's truly considering it but maybe if she reads this post, she'll think a little harder :-o) There's nothing like good old-fashioned peer pressure!

Anyway, mom is a huge Don Williams fan. She likes old country music. Growing up, I remember listening to Don, Skeeter Davis, Glen Campbell, and George Jones. Since many of these musicians have moved their acts to Branson, MO, I think mom needs to take a little vacation and head that way. She could stay in one of the many fine Branson hotels , take in a few shows, and then head back home. It would do her a world of good. She's never really taken a break from her job. When she takes a vacation, it's usually to come home to Virginia and care for her mom.

A few days ago, mom was told that the new "close date" is the end of March. I really hope that they do it this time. In the meantime, I'm going to be thinking (and making a list) of all the things she could do for work in the future. I'd love to see her start her own business and work out of her home. Of course, I want her home to be here in Tennessee with us. She's still young at 51 and is excellent with interior design. If any of you have suggestions or ideas, send them my way. I want my mom back!

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jenn said...

I love my mom, but the thought of her living with us terrifies me. You're a good daughter.

I've tagged you if you want to play along.

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom will decide to do something she LOVES! And, if she could be with you and do that as well, that would be a double blessing!

gail@more than a song said...

I hope y'all get it worked out soon! Closer would be fun for me as the mom!

Anonymous said...

Branson hotels are awesome! I love how they are so close to the attractions and entertainment!