Monday, February 11, 2008

Need A Ride?

With gas prices soaring and no end in sight, we are doing all we can to conserve. We've combined our trips so that I usually take one day a week to run all of our errands. On Mondays, we have piano lessons so I've started doing my grocery shopping on that day as well. Thankfully, Jeff only has to go into the office two days each week. Since the office is an hour from our home, the miles and gas expense really add up. I can't imagine what it would be if he had to drive to the office five days a week.

I have no idea how college students make it these days. They usually have lots of running to do between going to school and holding down a job. Add to that, the expense of housing and you've got yourself a hefty sum. What if you are a student who doesn't own a car? You would have no way to get around and that would be even harder. It is very neat that places like are popping up. GoHov is a wonderful tool that students can use to help them save on gas. It will help them find other students or even friends who are looking to share rides to and from various places. Safety would be my biggest concern with these types of arrangements but GoHov offers common sense guidelines to help students determine the most reliable, safe rides available. If you're a student and could use a service like this, check them out and remember, safety first.

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