Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holiday Card Shopping

My friend Jenny and I decided that we would prepare for the holidays very early this year. Around Christmas last year, we discussed getting together once a month to craft since we want to hand make most of our gifts for this year. We have done pretty well until this month and we haven't found the time to get together. However, I've been doing some preparing on my own.

I'm a little obsessed with Photo Greeting Cards. I love them. I look for new designs every season. I want something unique yet simple. It has to be bright, but not too bright. I want it to reflect my personality, with a splash of color. Many of the cards I have received are tucked away in a box. I get them out each year and look through them to get ideas. Afterwards, I start my online search for the perfect one. It is such a challenge to pick just one because there are so many wonderful designs out there. I think looking is half the fun and finding the perfect card is the other half. I'm starting my search early this year and I hope to have my cards selected by summer. My mother and I have long talked about starting a tradition concerning our holiday cards. She has always wanted to sit down after our Thanksgiving meal and address our cards together. Once we get that done, we will put them into our "out" basket and wait for a couple of weeks before sending them. I'm already looking forward to our first annual "card party."

How about you? Are you preparing early? Do you have your cards picked out? Do you have a tradition that surrounds your cards? If so, I would love to hear about it!

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