Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday ~ To Grandmother's House We Go

This week, Annie has a wonderful challenge for us. Here's what she wants us to do:

Travel back to grandmother’s (or aunt… or ?) house.

What are the smells you remember walking in when you were young?

What are things you remember seeing every time you were there?

Any special things you always did with or at grandmother’s house?

I have so many fond memories of being at my grandma's house when I was young. She used to babysit my younger brother and I while our parents worked. My grandma has always been very laid back. There was never a time that I didn't feel right at home when I was at her house. As a young girl, I remember my grandma being at the stove cooking soup beans, cornbread, green beans and potatoes, frying bacon or sausage, and even making homemade fudge. She cooked all the time when she was able. Every day was like a feast at her house. She used to make her fudge in an iron skillet. I remember being at her side as she made it and her always warning me to stay back for fear I would be burned. The best part was when we were able to eat the fudge. I remember so many times, sitting on her front porch with a large hunk of fudge and a slice of cheese. She would break off a piece of fudge and tear off a bite of cheese and eat them together. You wouldn't believe how wonderful it tastes! Another thing grandma would do every year is make me a butterscotch pie for Thanksgiving dessert. She always had a butterscotch and a chocolate. She also made the best meringue to go on top of the pies. Yum! Hardly anyone ate the butterscotch and I remember her telling me that she made it just for me. In fact, the last time I ate butterscotch pie, it was one she made about ten or fifteen years ago. I miss those pies. I can't even begin to describe her fluffy, yummy, buttermilk cornbread. Mmmm mmmm! I love to pull my grandma's leg so every time we're together and we meet someone new, I introduce myself as her favorite granddaughter. Her face turns about ten shades of red and she always says "now I didn't say that." She's afraid of offending the other grandkids but I know I'm her favorite (wink).

My grandma is about to turn 85 in May. She still has a sweet spirit although her health is declining. She is in a rehab facility where she is receiving treatment for a broken arm. She will never be able to come home and cook a meal again, and I'll never taste another butterscotch pie made by her so I treasure these memories. My grandpa passed away almost three years ago and there are tons of things I remember about him as well. He never called me by my name. He called me Sony (yes, like the company). He loved long hair and loved to stroke mine as he talked to me. He was one of the most fun people in my life. Both of my grandparents love/loved animals. They had numerous cats and hunting dogs.

One thing I always see when I go to my grandma's house is the old clock she's had since the beginning of time! It's gold, round in the middle, and has these "branches". It's strange and hard to explain. She's had that clock on the wall since I was a young child. I'm not even sure if it works anymore. I wish I had a picture to share with you. Oh, and she had these glass blown Christmas ornaments that had little faces. She still has a few of them. There are so many memories and I could go on and on. I'm sure we all hold these types of memories close to our hearts. Grandparents are so special and I am so thankful that our girls have been able to spend several years with their great-grandparents. I know one day they will sit around their table and recall many of these same memories.

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Barbara H. said...

What sweet memories!! Somehow memories of grandparents are among the most special.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

annie said...

I loved reading about your memories!

Shannon said...

What a touching post! I especially loved the 'favorite granddaughter' part ( :

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Aww! Great memories. It sounds like I would LOVE your grandma's cooking.


Linda said...

That sounds wonderful! What a treasure to have! :)

Kim said...

I loved your post! Such precioius memories which I am glad you have. My maternal grandmother, Hattie, is about to turn 90. She is a spry little thing, and has told me also that I am her favorite! :)
My post is up finally--about 2 days late!

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