Friday, March 7, 2008

How Do You Know?

I've not been shy about sharing my Weight Watchers experience over the past month. I'm happy to report that in five short weeks, I've lost eight pounds! That is very exciting and this diet is very easy to do. I can't say enough about it. I'm absolutely convinced it is a healthy, manageable way to lose weight. Eating properly coupled with a little bit of exercise has yielded great results for me.

So, how do you know that weight loss has become important in your household? Better yet, how do you know if someone is on a WW diet? Here are a few signs.

When they come home from the grocery store, they do this to their canned goods

Or, their pantry may look like this

Or you may see this on containers in the fridge

It's so funny to open the cabinet or fridge and see the points values written on containers but it has been a tremendous help. It's really not hard at all and after you get past the first week of this, it's easy as pie. It's amazing what we put into our bodies and never give thought to. A few days ago, we had stopped into a fast food place to grab some chili. I was hungry and had plenty of points left so I wanted to splurge and have a small order of fries. I ordered them and while I was standing in line waiting on our food, I happened to see the nutrition chart for this chain posted on the wall beside me. Naturally, I looked for the small fries to see just how many calories they had. I was SHOCKED to see that a small order of fries had 330 calories. I don't remember the fat content but it was way up there too. The fries would have cost me 8 points but a side salad would cost me zero points! So, I quickly asked the lady to add a side salad to my order and I had the kids half the order of fries. I find myself doing this a lot because it's just not worth it. Do I love fries? YES. Will I ever eat them again? ABSOLUTELY. Will it be very often? NO WAY! All I have to do is think about how much gunk will be in my arteries from eating these things on a regular basis and that's it. Besides, I feel so much better and the recipes I've been using from WW are wonderful!

How about you diet? Have you made a lifestyle change where eating is concerned? How are you doing with it? Do you have tips for me? Do share. It is so much easier to stay on track when you hear good reports from others or get helpful tips.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! I have never done WW, but it seems like a great system. I have lost about 5 pounds, but would like to lose about 8 more. There are times I will give in, and then after eating I realize it WASN'T worth it. Good for you for realizing it on the front end!

annie said...

Good idea Sonya. I think I have point values labeled on my brain lol!

Melanie said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I need to do something besides just saying I am going to lose weight. I'll have to look into WW- it sounds so simple.
Livin' With Me

jenn said...

I burst out laughing at those pictures! Good for you for losing!!! I'm happy to hear you're doing so good!

storyteller said...

Congratulations on getting rid of 8 lbs already! My compliments on writing the point value on the foods in your pantry. Educating yourself in this manner definitely leads to success.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

8 pounds is wonderful, Sonya! YAY!!

I had to share with you that I finally purchased some Cookie Dough Pop Tarts tonight. They are YUMMY! (Hope I'm not tempting you...just had to share!)


Amberly said...

Labeling your food sounds like a great idea! I haven't done WW, but I know people who've had great success with it and it seems doable. I could stand to lose some weight, so maybe I should consider it too! :)