Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Need To Remodel Something

I am looking forward to spring. My hubby and kids love to see snow but I'd rather just skip right over it. I like snow but I do not like the cold weather that comes along with it. I can't get motivated to do anything in the house and there are tons of things that need to be worked on. I started painting our trim white several months ago and it really needs to be finished.

Another project I want to work on is getting the garage cleaned out. We pile so much junk in there that it breaks me down to be in there for very long. Most of it is my own doing and I feel like that space is just wasted. I'd love to finish part of it out and use it for a tv/game room. Our tv is currently downstairs in a room that is shaped like a rectangle. On one side of the room, there's a fireplace that is almost at the end of the wall. It's in a very strange place. Because of that and the shape of the room, it's hard to accommodate a lot of people. Since we are football nuts, we need room for a lot of people when we watch the games. I'm thinking that if I could talk my hubby into finishing out the garage, we could put the tv out there and have a really nice set up. We watch movies a lot too so it would be really cool to have a room to do that in. We could put down home theater carpet and refurbish an old sectional. It could be a happening spot. Now all I have to do is convince the hubby that it's a great idea.

Any suggestions?

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