Friday, March 28, 2008

Internet Slander

Isn't it funny how judgmental we are as a nation? Now, think about us as individuals. How many times have we assumed the worst about someone without getting all the facts? I'm ashamed to admit it but I've been guilty of this plenty of times.

A few years ago, someone we know was the subject of some pretty critical judgment. This person is in a leadership position and some people find his views/beliefs controversial. There were a handful of people that really put his name through the ringer. Because they did it online, they kept their identity anonymous while dragging this man of God through the mud. They said terrible things about his family. They were cruel and said things that were untrue. This was hurtful to the man's family and to his reputation.

This must be a common problem because there are companies cropping up that help with reputation management. I think this could be very helpful to companies or individuals who are dealing with similar situations. The thing is, once someone has written negative things about you on the internet, it takes awhile for those things to go away. It takes time to build positive publicity again. This may all sound strange but I'm comforted by the knowledge of this type of help. You never know when you may find yourself or someone you know in the center of internet chatter that may or may not be valid.

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