Monday, March 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 10

I'm having such great success with Weight Watchers recipes that I'm going to try a few new ones this week! If you are interested in any of them, let me know and I'll get them to you.

Monday ~ Taco soup (WW recipe), tortilla chips w/homemade salsa (This soup is one of my favorite WW recipes)

Tuesday ~ Boca chicken patties, baked potato, salad

Wednesday ~ Mexi-meatloaf (WW recipe), broccoli-cauliflower bake (WW recipe), chuckwagon beans (WW recipe)

Thursday ~ Southwestern soup (WW recipe), bread, salad (homeschool field trip day and Lost night!)

Friday ~ Beer soaked beef (WW recipe), parmesan mashed potatoes (WW recipe), green beans

Saturday ~ Eat Out (Olive Garden and a movie)

Sunday ~ Chili beef tacos (WW recipe), fat-free refried beans, chips and salsa

Have I mentioned that we are saving money by not eating out as much? Also, the WW recipes have been good so far and we've not wanted to eat out as much. It's been an adventure to try these new recipes. We get excited every week when I add new ones to the menu! For more MPM's, visit Laura.


Misty said...

it sounds great and HEALTHY!!!!

storyteller said...

Wonderful Menu Plan for the week! Those WW recipes are tasty, indeed. Here’s wishing you continued success.
Hugs and blessings,