Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thirteen Things We Saw/Enjoyed in Savannah, GA

  1. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
  2. Lady & Sons ~ And boy was the pork BBQ wonderful!
  3. Paula Deen's Store
  4. Colonial Park Cemetery ~ This was pretty amazing. Some of the head stones were so old that you could no longer read the engraving. That made me sad.
  5. A lady who was posing as a statue. She was painted all in grayish-silver paint and stood as still as could be. I didn't even realize she was a real person at first. She was playing a drum but only played when passersby dropped money into her basket. I'll be sharing a picture of her in the next few days.
  6. Armadillo road kill ~ Really, I was amazed. Around our parts, it's possum road kill. It was strange to see armadillo on the side of the interstate.
  7. An old man playing saxophone in a shaded area on River Street. He was wonderful. We were having supper on the veranda of Dockside (a local seafood place) and it was nice to enjoy his playing as we ate.
  8. The ocean ~ We took a day to go to Tybee Island
  9. Cheaper gas prices than at home
  10. Fried pickle chips at B&D Burgers ~ They were wonderful with ranch dip! They also had 33 different burgers you could order!
  11. Horse drawn carriages on downtown streets
  12. No rain and wonderfully pleasant weather
  13. More shopping than my eyes could take note of

There were tons of other things we enjoyed and I'll be sharing those over the next few days as well as a few photos. I could write one list alone on the food we enjoyed!

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Monday through Sunday said...

I hope to visit Savannah very soon! My brother went there for his honeymoon and returns once a year..he loves it there!

Daily Panic said...

I got engaged in Savannah @Tybee Island. We try to go back every year.

gail@more than a song said...

Sounds like fun! I'm glad y'all got to eat at Lady & Sons, and she has a store? Double fun....but shopping, the best!

annie said...

Sounds wonderful!

Shawna said...

When we went to Chicago a man was covered from head to toe in sliver paint and was dressed as the Tin Man. I definitely would like to see the picture of the lady statue