Thursday, June 12, 2008

Double Whammy

The stress of broken plumbing really had me down this week. To recap, I'll start by telling you that I had a couple of temporary crowns put in by my wonderful dentist. At least he was wonderful until this incident. I guess I should preface all of this with the fact that I have a very high tolerance for mouth pain or discomfort. Once during a root canal, my numbing wore off and I endured the rest of the drilling without any medication. It was so painful that I cried. I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that occasion because he was kind of in a bind. It wasn't like he could stop and numb me. I could have really had more trouble had he done that. However, this week when I went in for my crowns, I really thought I'd be in and out in an hour and pain had not even entered my mind.

My appointment was at 1:00 and Caroline decided to go with me so that she could get her hair cut (and she did....six inches whacked off). She sat patiently in the lobby, by herself, while I went back. FOUR HOURS later, I walked out of the dental office. Those were four tough hours. Again, no numbing but lots of drilling. Lots of painful drilling. I'm not sure what took so long except that there was one emergency that came in. I still feel like it was very unreasonable to keep me there for that long. Just send me home and reschedule my appointment for goodness sake. As for the numbing, or lack of, nothing comes to mind. I'm not sure what this man was thinking. I really believe that since he knows I have a high tolerance for this type of pain, he takes advantage of that. After all, it takes longer to do these things if you have to give a shot and then wait for it to kick in. I left there very frustrated, not to mention my day was wasted and sweet little Caroline had been bored to tears in the waiting area, all alone for four hours. Not fun! I came home and told Jeff that as soon as my permanent crowns are ready and put in, I will find a new dentist. This guy is really good but I've just had all I can take of him.

The rest of the week went about the same way. On Thursday, our main bathroom tub sprang a leak. Turns out, there's a broken piece up in the pipes. There's no way to cut the water off to the tub so we've had to turn the main water off. When we finally got in touch with a plumber, he told us he couldn't make it until Saturday. Ok....we found a way to cap off the pipes and were able to use the water sparingly. We just had to turn it off once we were done. By Saturday morning, the leak was much worse and we weren't able to turn the water on for more than a few minutes. We did manage to grab a shower but that's about it. Saturday the plumber calls and says he can't come until Tuesday. We couldn't get anyone else to call us back so we just had to deal with it. On Tuesday, we waited all day for this guy to show up. We called but couldn't get him. At 9:00pm, he calls and says he had a really bad day. What?!!!! I mean, I'm sorry for him but why did he wait until 9pm to call? By this time, we had called and touched base with another guy who was to show up Wednesday morning. Thankfully, he did show up. Unfortunately, he could not fix the problem. His license only allows him to do so much and this problem is major.

Now, here we's a week later and still no water. There's supposed to be a new plumber come today but it's after 2pm so I'm not very optimistic. As soon as we get this horrible mess behind us, I've got plenty of happier things to share!

How is your week going?


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Wow! That's some week! Hope you have your water back on soon.

Coach J said...

Oh my goodness! Mine was better than yours when you put it that way.
I hope you've had a plumber come by and fix the problem. That makes me want to go to his house and really make it a bad day. Unless someone died, but he didn't mention that.

Judi said...

Whoa. That all stinks big time. I hate that whole dentist ordeal. I don't know if you remember but I had major dental problems last year. No fun. I hope everything starts looking up!