Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Movie Reviews

Since hubby was out of town all week last week, I took the opportunity to watch a few movies to pass the time. There were a couple of good ones and a few that were not so good :-o) I'm finding that it's hard to find a well made movie these days.

My favorites were:

Things We Lost In The Fire ~ Synopsis: A recent widow invites her husband's troubled best friend to live with her and her two children. As he gradually turns his life around, he helps the family cope and confront their loss.

**I really liked this movie although it started kind of slow. The story was sad, tragic, troubled, and in the end, healing. I really liked Jerry. It was nice to see him rise from the ashes and start dealing with his drug addiction. Halle Berry's character got on my nerves and I felt like this was some of her worst acting. However, someone else in this role could have made the movie even better. Apart from that, a good movie.

The Kite Runner ~ Synopsis: After spending years in California, Amir returns to his homeland in Afghanistan to help his old friend Hassan, whose son is in trouble.

**This was another movie I really enjoyed. I haven't had the opportunity to read the book so I was excited to get to see the movie. Again, great story and a well made movie.

The others I watched and did not care for where:

  • Georgia Rule - language and content was the biggest reason I didn't like this one.
  • In the Land of Women - The leading male actor was funny but this was just an "I don't get it" movie for me.
  • Jack & Jill (Freddie Prinze Jr.) - The leading actress in this one was terrible. It could have been a good movie. The story line was good and Freddie Prinze Jr. did a good job. Everything else was terrible.
  • Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - I took the girls to see this one mid-week since the local theater has the summer movie thing going on. Admission was only $1 per person and that was great. The movie wasn't bad. I just don't care for most fantasies. Not terrible, not great either. Just mediocre for me.
  • Blonde Ambition - Don't waste your time. Jessica Simpson plus movies......well, I should have known how that would go. Her acting killed the movie.

Keep in mind that I was trying to watch movies that I thought hubby wouldn't like since he was gone all week. Basically, almost all of the movies I watched while he was gone bombed. The only one that was even worth mentioning was Things We Lost In The Fire. He did watch The Kite Runner with me and he liked it pretty well. Overall, not a good movie week :-o) Maybe next week will be better.

What did you see this week?


Anonymous said...

I have read Kite Runner, so I would love to see the movie. I didn't even realize it was out!

Jenny said...

I read the Kite Runner also...didn't care for it as much as everyone else did. I would let you borrow it but I think the dog ate half of it...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your Movie Reviews. I have watched several of your suggestions through NetFlix. :-)

Coach J said...

We went to the movies last night and saw Hancock. I really don't recommend it, so that's one you won't have to see when it's out on DVD. They say a**hole waaayyyy toooo much! Along with others...

gail@more than a song said...

We watched Vantage Point.
Have not read Kite Runner but thought about it so maybe movie would be good to see.