Monday, June 2, 2008

You Say Goodbye & I Say Hello

Dear Turtle Chex Mix,

I'm sad to say it but we must part ways. I've enjoyed your chocolate covered chex squares, caramel popcorn, and crunchy pretzels the past few days. You've tickled my taste buds way too many times lately. You left chocolate residue on my fingertips. You tempted my nose with that wonderful chocolaty smell. You made me forget all about last week's dental woes. You made my tum-tum happy.

While I think you are wonderful, my waste line does not like you. My favorite clothes are lonely. It's been far too long since I've pulled them on. This affair must end. I'm leaving you for something healthier. It may not have that wonderful chocolate aroma or taste but it will allow me to get into my favorite jeans again. It's sad, I know. Someday we will meet again. Maybe until then, you can work on being more nutritious while still being your same delicious self. Until then, (or until this last seven pounds is gone) I bid you farewell.

Goodbye Turtle Chex. Hello Smart Ones Double Chocolate Cake and my beloved exercise equipment. I've missed you!

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Coach J said...

Ha! I had to break up with some of my food, too! Some days are harder than others....

Jenny said...

and with all those free bags floating around out there! lol!! or is that what got you into this relationship in the first place! lol!!

Jennifer said...

I've had to give up some of my fav foods too. It's not easy!
If you like will LOVE the Double Chocolate sugar free Jello pudding...only 60 calories a cup. They're heavenly! You will find them in the dairy section of your grocery store.
This might help ease your chocolate cravings a bit.

gail@more than a song said...

I have good days and bad days on giving up food I shouldn't have! Lately it's been bad days....
gotta start exercising when my ankle is all healed.