Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

In honor of my mom, who turns 52 today, I wanted to share a few things about her. Here are ten of the things that come to mind right away:

  1. She is very, very handy around the house. She can fix anything!
  2. She lives in a 9 bedroom home (alone) that consists of three floors and still doesn't have enough space!
  3. She has a cat named Ruby. She's solid black! LOL!
  4. She loves going to antique and thrift stores.
  5. Her hair is actually auburn.
  6. She's been a manager in a retail store for about thirty years. (And she works too much!)
  7. She's the master at finding a great bargain.
  8. She loves to listen to books on tape.
  9. She loves grilled pineapples.
  10. She is MUCH shorter than me!

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you spend it resting and enjoying yourself! I love you!


annie said...

9 bedrooms? wow!

Aunt kat said...

Hats off to your Mom.Consider yourself blessed to have inherited her frugal ways of running a home. I think she is a wonderful, talented amazing woman and I am very proud to call her my baby sister, even though she is a lot more mature than me and looks better in jeans. Happy birthday little Sis.
Aunt Kat