Friday, September 19, 2008

The Beginning of A New Year

We finally started our new school year on Monday. It is my habit to start right after Labor Day but we were delayed an extra week this year due to being on vacation. The week has gone pretty well. We've been able to pick up our full schedule without many glitches. Caroline is a 4th grader this year and Logan is a 9th grader. The only change in our schedule has been the addition of a co-op day for Logan. She's taking IEW (Institutes for Excellence in Writing), Apologia Biology w/lab, and Juntos Uno Spanish . She seems to like all the classes and is doing well. She is at co-op from 8:45 until 3:30 each Monday. I worried that she'd be really tired and looking for the nearest exit sign out of there after such a long day. However, she surprised me and really is enjoying it.

In addition to these three classes, she will be using AO Lifepacs to round out her English credit, Saxon Algebra I, and TruthQuest history. She is also leading the Latina Prima class we started with our neighbors up the street. She'll be earning some extra credit for doing that. The only thing we have left to figure out is what to do for the PE credit she needs.

It's a little strange to have a high schooler. It seems like only yesterday we started homeschooling her but it has been eight wonderful years. Before we know it, she'll be finished with school, married, and out of the house! Until then I'm going to enjoy these last few years of teaching her and pray that she will be a blessing to everyone around her. She's a special young lady and I'm proud to call her my daughter.



Joyful Days said...

Sounds like a good year in store for your family!