Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vacation Update

I had hoped to post pictures during our vacation so that I could share with you all the fun we're having. Alas, my camera cord is at home, along with my ipod ear buds! In the craziness of packing the girls and hubby, I forgot many of my personal items.

I'll back up and tell you that we arrived here on Saturday evening. We dropped into the local Harris Teeter and then came on to the house. We decided to eat light for supper and just hang out around the house with our pastor and his family, as well as another couple from church. The beach house they rented is enormous. It has five bedrooms and is spread out over three different levels. It has a pool table, many little areas for the kids, and about seven tvs. It has almost everything except theater seating, which is just fine by me! It's very nice. From the balcony, we have a beautiful ocean view.

Sunday we got up, had a nice breakfast, and our pastor did a small worship service for us at the house. Afterwards, several of us went to the beach to hang out for the day. Sunday night we all had supper together. Since our pastor is a wonderful cook, and enjoys it, he spoiled us with seared tuna and a delicious shrimp pasta. Mmmmm it was good!

Monday we did much of the same thing. Hubby and I opted to take several of the kids to the indoor pool that is just up the road. We stayed there for a few hours and I wore myself out in the olympic-size pool. We came back and grabbed lunch and then headed out to the beach for the afternoon. Last night we met back up for supper but this time hubby grilled up some mean burgers. After supper we enjoyed a long game of Cranium.

I'm looking forward to shuffleboard and the beach today. We walked up to the outdoor pool yesterday and it was very nice. We've got plenty to do. The hard part is figuring out what to do next :-o) I can't wait to post some pictures this weekend when we get back.

See ya soon!


Misty said...

that stinks!!! But it's so something I would do!

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Aunt Kat said...

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Hope you've had a good week!