Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Medley

Last week was a hodgepodge of activity. It seems that we have several things going on and several more things that need to happen. Hopefully I can keep a pretty detailed to do list this week and get a lot of little things done.

We are finally busy putting our master bathroom back together. After many months of fixing broken plumbing, the drywall has been patched and we've started on the floor. We decided to lay porcelain tile, which is great, but we've never done anything like this before. Jeff worked on it half the day on Saturday and when he came up for air, he had the adhesive down and most of the tile put down. Since the adhesive had to dry for 24 hours, we left it and will go back this week to lay the tile around the baseboards and cut what needs to be cut. I will be so excited to get it finished.

Our garden is still producing tomatoes and jalapenos. We've made salsa all summer and really enjoyed it. I'm glad we'll have a few more batches to make before our tomato plants expire. Next year we plan to revise our current square foot garden in order to make some improvements. I've had to deal with more weeds than I care to mention this year.

I'm happy to say that I haven't decided to turn to weight loss pills yet! Jeff and I have both been sticking loosely to our diet and have maintained very well. I need to giddy up and get this last five or six pounds off but Jeff is having no problem keeping his off. It's pretty amazing how much our eating habits have changed. We're on a salad kick right now. If you are fortunate enough to have an O'Charleys around, you must try their California Chicken Salad. It is probably one of the yummiest salads I've ever eaten. In fact, we love it so much that we've learned to duplicate it at home. We made it last night and I candied some pecans to go in it. If you've never had this salad at O'Charleys, I'll tell you that the candied pecans are the secret to making it so yummy. Very, very good.

We're enjoying lots of college and NFL football. Our UT Vols are having one of their worst seasons right now so we're a bit disappointed. However, there are plenty of other college teams we love and are pulling for. My Dallas Cowboys lost last night but I have high hopes for them still. My Colts are doing pretty well so I'm a happy gal! I'm looking forward to another upcoming weekend of games.

What have you been into?


gail@more than a song said...

There's a lot I need to be doing but haven't gotten there yet this morning! We went to the movie over the weekend, Fireproof...very good!
I might try to get my daughter to help me purge some closets/cabinets this week.

I left you something, play along if you want but no problem if you don't!

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