Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun, Food, and More Fun

This weekend we set aside an entire day to spend with our friends. The hubby's went caving for about 8 hours while the rest of us hung out at our house. We had lots of fun watching the kids play. We watched a chick flick. We cooked up a pretty mean pasta buffet. We enjoyed good wine. We enjoyed good conversation.

Kristopher was outnumbered by all of the girls in the house. At one point, he decided he'd lay down and take a rest.

His rest was interrupted by tickles from his mommy.

The girls decided it would be fun to sit on top of the dresser inside the closet and play. Go figure! Kayla and Caroline tried really hard to get Madalyn to smile for me :-) Round one: It didn't work! Madalyn was having no part of it.

"Can you please stop that Sonna" (that's how she says my name)

So I took another one. Her expression tells you just what she was thinking about me! Round two: She was still not having any part of it.

Don't even take my picture!

But I really wanted a good picture of the three of them so I tried again. I think Maddie tried to burn holes in me with her eyes in this one! Round three: Still she wasn't having it.

This is getting really annoying

She finally decided to give in but I'm sure it was just because she wanted to get rid of me!

"Here you go Sonna, now leave us alone!"

L to R: Kayla (age 11), Maddie (almost 3), Caroline (almost 10)

We had a really good time and by the time the guys got back and we ate all that pasta, we were all ready for a good night's sleep! It was a blessing that the time change occurred this same night because we all needed that extra hour!

Thanks to the P's for coming up and hanging out with us all day. We had a great time!


WebkinzTipz said...

Always nice to spend time with the family. people just do not have the time to do anything together it seems.

annie said...

They are so cute!

gail@more than a song said...

Looks like y'all had a great time; it takes me a while to adjust to the time change. What cute girls, all of them! But your Caroline is just adorable.

Kasi said...

I especially love the third one...that is one she got from Mommy. lol!