Friday, November 28, 2008

Walmart Employee Trampled To Death

So I was all geared up to get up at 4 a.m. this morning and go shopping. It would have been only my second time going shopping on Black Friday. The one time I did it before, I went alone and wasn't really even going for sale items. I wanted to people watch more than anything. That was several years back and that experience was enough to put the idea out of my head for a few years. It was probably the most horrific experience of my life to date. People were pushy and rude and could have cared less about the person next to them. It wasn't the people watching experience that I had hoped for.

Last night we were talking about getting up and going and had planned to do so. However, I think mom and I both decided that it just wasn't worth getting up so early for. It was either that or the fact that we ate way too much yesterday :-) We got up this morning and decided that we'd just wait until midday to go out. I'm glad we did, especially after reading about a Walmart employee in NY who was trampled to death by shoppers this morning.

I just can't figure out what people are thinking. I know the economy is bad and people want to get the best deals that they possibly can. But because of some of those shoppers, one family in NY will spend Christmas without their loved one. That makes me really sad. What is the world coming to? Is this really the image we want to portray to other nations? I can't speak for everyone but I will say that the only way I will ever get out on Black Friday is if I'm going for fun, simply to watch people. However, I'm not really sure I want to watch people who behave the way they do over something as frivolous as material things.


Joyful Days said...

I worked retail for a long time and had "the other side of the counter" experiences--vowed never to shop Black Friday. Today was a great day to be driving!! The traffic wasn't bad until we reached about 20 miles of home.

My mom & I used to go to two antique towns. Much more ambiance.