Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where Do The Photos Keep Going?

Caroline has become obsessed with our digital camera. At first, I thought it was kind of neat that she liked to take pictures and was always asking to do so. That was before she discovered that our camera could also act as a camcorder of sorts. You can record short videos with it and Caroline has come to love this feature. I have no idea how she even figured this out. She just sort of started doing it. At first, the videos were cute and silly. They would last for twenty seconds and be over. Lately however, the videos have grown in length and are starting to really break me down!

It started happening a few months ago. I would take nice pictures and sit the camera down with the intention of downloading them later on. Caroline would ask me if she could make a video of herself and her Webkinz. No harm in that, right? I would go back later to download the photos I had taken earlier and a funny thing would happen.....not all of my photos would be there. After I had forty breakdowns, I figured out that Caroline had deleted some of the photos so that her video would fit on the camera. WHAT? How did she figure that out?????

On Thursday, I made sure to take several pictures of our Thanksgiving spread. I wanted to compare the table pictures each year to see how they varied. I took a few pictures of the food, a few of the kids, and put the camera on the table with the intention of downloading the photos Thanksgiving night. So when I settled down on the couch later that night and started to download the pictures, a funny thing happened. I didn't figure it out took me about a minute. Some of my photos were missing. That's when I noticed the video file. It didn't hit me right away because the kids had asked to record a Thanksgiving message to send to one of their friends online and I had allowed it. However, when I played the video, it was sixteen seconds of nonsense. That's when the top of my head started to get hot :-) I knew right away what had happened to my photos. They were gone....never to be recovered. Come to find out, the kids had in fact recorded a video message to their friends up north. But it wasn't on the camera. Caroline had deleted it and about ten of my pictures so that she could shoot sixteen seconds of nonsense.

Ahhhhhhhh, I took a deep breath and later got over it, but not before letting her have it. Needless to say, she is barred from ever using our digital camera again. The only way she'll ever take another picture is if she has her own camera, which I currently refuse to purchase. I'm simply dumbfounded that a 9 year old could possibly think to delete photos so that she could squeeze a video onto the camera. I assume she was just messing around and figured that one out. Looks like I'll have to tie her hands and feet up whenever I'm not around. Maybe that way she'll stay out of trouble.....but I doubt it :-)