Monday, December 8, 2008

Guess Where I'm Going?

Lauren over at Baseballs and Bows is always talking about their wonderful family Disney vacations. Our family has never been but maybe one of these days we'll break down and go. We are planning a weekend getaway though. Jeff and I are taking off to Gatlinburg for the weekend next week. Guess what the best part is? It's a free 3 day 2 night vacation. We don't even have to go listen to anyone talk about timeshares for an hour!

Back in September, we decided to sell our Toyota 4-runner because it was a gas hog. We ended up buying a smaller truck and the dealership threw in this free weekend vacation. That's never happened to us before so it seemed too good to be true...until the gift certificate came in the mail. It didn't take us long to throw our plans together and make reservations. We haven't been in awhile so it'll be nice to go and see all the Christmas lights. I'm hoping to go to the Wild Plum Tea Room that a good friend told me about. I'd never even heard of it. That makes me wonder what else I've missed!

If anyone has suggestions, I'll gladly take them. Tell me about fun things you've done down that way or great places you've eaten. That's my favorite part!


Sara said...

I remember there is a great little Chinese restaurant there - it is on the back side of the main street - but, the food was good there.

Also, as you are going out of town away from Pigeon Forge there is a restaurant on the righthand side of the road - (it is literally at the end of town) that has a great Sunday Brunch...If I can find out the name I'll let you know - but, we used to go there for a special treat...

Anonymous said...

How fun! You are going to have a wonderful time. I have never seen the lights in Gatlinburg, but I am sure that will be a nice touch. My parents love th Pancake Pantry, but we weren't willing to wait in line with two little ones (we also couldn't find a parking place). We did like the Applewood Farmhouse restaurant. The servings were huge!