Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ten on Tuesday #1

10 Favorite Albums

  1. John & Mary--IIIrd Time Out
  2. Forgiven, Not Forgotten--The Corrs
  3. It's Time--Michael Buble
  4. Ragin' Live--Rhonda Vincent & the Rage
  5. Native American--Tony Rice
  6. Force of Nature--Mountain Heart
  7. Casting Crowns--Casting Crowns
  8. Stories & Songs--Mark Schultz
  9. A Cappella Worship--Glad
  10. Nickel Creek--Nickel Creek

For more lists, check out: http://www.yanowhatimean.com/tuesday/


Judi said...

Love the new blog. Who designed it for you? Interesting list of albums. P.S. I missed your weekend reflection over the weekend. :)

OneCoolMama said...

Found you from Judi's site. I love the look of your blog - very cool!

amy said...

Mark schultz rocks! we both have casting crowns on our list