Saturday, June 2, 2007

Weekend Reflection # 17

We had a very nice week last week. Since there was a holiday mixed in the week, it gave us an extra "day off" to enjoy each other and do fun stuff! We took full advantage of it too!

Sunday: We enjoyed worship and then grabbed a quick bite for lunch. Jeff had to take off since the band was playing for an early Memorial Day function. Logan wanted to spend the day with her dad so Caroline and I decided we'd stay home and lounge. After the Memorial Day function, Jeff and a few other bagpipers were off to play a wedding. He and Logan rolled in near midnight but they had lots of fun. Caroline and I enjoyed watching the 1968 version of Yours, Mine, and Ours.

Monday: Since it was Memorial Day, Jeff had the day off and he drove, with a friend, to Linville, NC. That's only about an hour from us and it's also where the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are held each year in July. The guys were going up to take the owner of Everything Scottish out to lunch. They had a fun time and Jeff got home early enough for us to invite his parents and brother over to grill out. We enjoyed burgers, cowboy beans, chips and salsa, salad, and some kind of brownie concoction I whipped up. When it started to get dark, we fired up the tiki torches and Jeff wooed us on the guitar with some old country songs. We had fun talking about the music we listened to growing up. We had fun remembering some songs by John Conlee (Rose Colored Glasses), Mac Davis, Don Williams, Conway Twitty, Porter Wagner, and a few other people I'd never heard of. We sat out on the deck until around midnight and then everyone went home. It was very relaxing.

Tuesday: Caroline had ballet class and that was the most we did all day really. Jeff didn't have bagpipe practice so he was home all evening! We made shrimp scampi for supper and ate out on the deck. Our dog started to get very sick and she was really itchy. We started looking and noticed she had all of these raised marks on her belly. She's a mini-schnauzer and normally a very happy go lucky kinda dog. We had all her hair shaved off for the summer so she wouldn't burn up. I'm thinking now that this was a mistake. Turns out, she it so itchy because she has poison ivy! Yep, you read that right. My dog has poison ivy! She must have ingested some of it and that was making her upchuck. She was feeling just terrible and looked pitiful.

Wednesday: Took the dog to the vet because she was still throwing up when I got out of bed. About an hour and $95 later, she is feeling much better. The vet gave her two shots and sent her home with two meds. She only threw up once today so that's a good thing! After talking to the vet, we determined that instead of poison ivy, it could have as easily been an allergic reaction to the shrimp tales she ate out of the yard. Seems that it is possible for a dog to have a shellfish allergy! Go figure. There's no real way of knowing whether it was poison ivy or a shellfish allergy. I'm just happy that she's not throwing up anymore!

Thursday: Pretty normal day. Caroline had piano and ballet class today. Ran some errands and found some scrapbooking stuff on sale at Michael's. I found a scrapbook and some supplies for my sister-in-law. She and my brother are expecting a baby girl in July.

Friday: Caroline and I took off and went to the mall for awhile. We had fun looking around and we had lunch in the food court. While we were eating, someone came up behind me and picked my pocketbook up out of the seat beside me. When I turned around to confront them, I found my cousin laughing as hard as she could! We don't see her much because she lives about 1 1/2 hours away. It was nice to run into her although I must say that I was ready to tackle her before I realized it was her that picked up my purse! LOL! My BIL and FIL worked more on our deck. They were able to get the gutter up and the soffit as well. It's looking nice! We are waiting for the vinyl siding to come in and once it's up, the screened in part is going to look like a million bucks! Friday night we had a quiet night. We stayed in and made pizza and watched a movie. Oh, and did I mention that Jenny and Kasi (who doesn't blog) bailed on me again so we didn't get to do our Bible study today?!!! Looks like I'm gonna have to go pick these gals up myself! LOL! Maybe they're trying to tell me something!

Saturday: I worked for several hours on getting our church directory ready to print. Besides the fact that my eyes are crossed from looking at the Excel file for so long, I am almost finished! Yay! This has been a bit of a challenge but Jeff and I have managed to pull it together....we think! LOL! My day got even better when I received an email from Jen informing me that I'd won the free blog design from the contest she was having! Another big Yay! I am still shocked but very happy that I will be blessed with one of Susie's designs! I really like her work and can't wait to see what she comes up with for me! My hubby did my current design and I love it. However, because he custom did it, it doesn't work like most other designs. I don't know how to explain all the technical stuff but basically it's harder for me to add things to my sidebars, etc. without breaking the design. He worked very hard on this for me and I really appreciate it. I think it'll be easier for me to use a design that does work with blogger so that I will not have to bug him every time I want to change something. I feel like a nag (he'd argue that I am! LOL!). Thanks honey! I really do appreciate all the things you do to please me!

Jeff also put up a new light in our hallway today. We finally got rid of the 80s fixture that was hanging in there! Oh boy, was it ugly! My mom is on her way down to visit us for a night or two also. She should arrive around 7pm tonight. We were unable to attend a feast with our church family this evening since mom is coming down. When children in our church are born, the parents usually hold a feast at their home a few months afterwards in celebration of the birth of that child. It is a wonderful time of celebration, fellowship, and thanksgiving to God for the blessing of children. We are sad to have to miss this feast but are thankful we'll be able to spend some time with my mom. It's rare that she is able to come down and stay overnight so we enjoy it when she is able to. .

That's about the sum of what's been going on around our house this week. I hope you've had a great week and have been able to accomplish many things. Hop on over to Judi's to see more WR's.


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annie said...

Great reflection Sonya. Poor puppy!
that is hilarious about your wallet and your cousin!
Hope you have a great weekend.

Carrie! :o) said...

Awww, so glad your Sadie is starting to feel better.

Hope y'all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Nancy Brown said...

I love yours mine and ours. BOTH but the old one is classic. Glad to met you!!!

Nancy Brown

Irritable Mother said...

I'm so glad your dog is feeling better!
As much as I dislike cleaning up after my kids when they have thrown up, I can somehow manage it because I gave birth to them. Not sure how I'd do it for a dog!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I am glad your dog is feeling better. That is so funny about your cousin! I bet she enjoyed playing that trick on you!

Judi said...

Poor dog! I would never have thought of a shellfish allergy. Your cousin sounds like a hoot. I bet you were about to break bad on someone! Tell Jenny she is a dirtbag for bailing on the Bible study! Have a great week this week!

jdoriot said...

Your weeks wear me out!! I think it's great that you won a Susie design..her's are my favorites! and shellfish???

LoveMyStarr said...

Sounds like a really fun Memorial Day! I miss country music from the 80s. That's what I grew up on!

Congrats on the new blog design! I've been wanting one. Hope you had fun with your mom!