Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Mystery Paint"

Boy, have I been busy since my hubby went on vacation! It's been crazy because I've been trying to get some things cleaned out while he's gone. I'm sure I told y'all that he went off to bagpipe instruction school for a week. He's "stuck" up in the beautiful mountains of Valle Crucis, NC with about 80 other bagpipe students. He's enjoying himself and learning alot. He left on Sunday and will return on Friday so we are anticipating that! It's never quite as fun around here when he's gone.

One of the things I've been trying to finish up before his return is the front of the house. We put up vinyl siding last weekend but the shutters and front door needed to be repainted. I decided I'd tackle that while Jeff was gone and I finally finished up this evening. I'm very excited for him to see it because our house doesn't look the same. It has changed completely! We talked about what color we wanted to paint the door and shutters before he left but never went to buy the paint. I did that this week and was basically "on my own" concerning the actual paint color. Jeff has no idea what color I picked out and I don't want him to find out until he returns home. We talked mostly about doing a burgundy/cranberry type color. All I will say is that I did not go that route. I opted to "break out of my box" and go with something I would not normally pick. It was painful standing at the counter in Lowes, waiting for them to mix the paint. Should I really go with that color? Am I making the right decision? Will Jeff like it? If I like it, he'll probably hate it. What should I do? Maybe I should just wait until he gets home and ask his opinion ......I went on like that for a few hours. I went to Lowes in the morning to buy the paint but couldn't decide on the color so I came home. I went back to Lowes in the evening and decided to just do it! Three or four hours and many questions later, I got the paint and came home to start immediately.

I talked to Jeff right after I finished up today but I refused to give up any hint about the paint color. I can't wait to share the before and after pictures with all of you but that'll have to wait until this weekend! I did tell him that I would post a picture of the color swatch from which I picked our paint. I hope he doesn't look at the sheet and immediately know which color I chose because I want him to be totally surprised when he pulls up Friday evening. So, just for my uber wonderful hubby, here's the swatch:

I must say that it looks awesome! I love it! My FIL and BIL love it! Honey, when you think you've figured out what color I chose, email me. That way I can share with everyone how close you came to the actual color! Y'all keep your fingers crossed that he loves it! Oh, and did I mention that I didn't take the sun into consideration today and now I have a farmer's tan?!!! LOL! I was blinded by love for my sweet hubby!!

Have a great day!

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Vader's Mom said...

I look forward to seeing what you did! :)

Anonymous said...

Sonya! You amaze me! You can do anything, can't you?! I can't wait to see the color you decided on! Whatever it is, I'm sure it's pretty!! :o)