Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ten On Tuesday: Homeschool Style


Ten Things I Will Never Do Again

Since we homeschool, my Ten on Tuesday answers will reflect that!

  1. Send my children to public school. Besides the fact that it is my calling to teach them at home, I shudder to think about what goes on in public schools today. Kids can't pray, they can't express themselves, can't escape peer pressure, have to worry about who's bringing a gun to school that day, and in many cases, have to walk through a metal detector and be scanned by a security guard before entering the place! No thank you!
  2. Let the "socialization" question bother me! In the past, it really bothered me that people would ask me this. After all, couldn't they see my children were just fine. I now love to answer this question. After all, the girls spend all day everyday with their parents, learning not only academics and life skills, but also communication skills. They aren't sitting around a lunch room table talking about Lisa's new belly button ring or what boy they want to kiss. Kelly has written a wonderful post about this topic.
  3. Doubt my ability to teach my children. Alot of "educated" people think that homeschooling parents can't possibly teach their children all they need to know without a college degree in something. I am often asked how I will teach algebra to my oldest daughter. Well, I'll read the material, digest it, and help my daughter understand it. Simple as that. No, I don't have a math degree, and I don't need one. I have a curious mind that doesn't like to be defeated. So, if I don't know something, I'll learn. It also just so happens that I like math and I was pretty good with algebra back in the day :-o)
  4. Put my children in a box. I will not be married to workbooks but will expose my children to a variety of learning styles and materials. I did this just the other day and the girls made some beautiful sketches that I didn't even realize they would enjoy. Why? Because I've been too married to our workbooks!
  5. Use Bob Jones curriculum. Didn't like it.
  6. Buy school desks for our house. I am much happier seeing the kids working at the kitchen table, on the couch, in the floor, outside, or laying across the coffee table! I'm not happy about having to clean up all the eraser mess from the kitchen table but hey, it's a small price to pay! LOL!
  7. Pay full price for curriculum! It's way to easy to find things on Vegsource! And many times it is much cheaper!
  8. Think that Saxon math works for everyone. I have been using it with my youngest daughter and it just isn't working for her. My oldest daughters gets it. It's not her favorite (because there is alot of repetition) but it works well for her. With my youngest, not so much. Apparently, they have different learning styles!
  9. Become involved in too many activities. There are so many things that homeschoolers can be involved in and I used to be bad for trying to do it all. Co-op, weekly trips to the library, field trips, lunch guests, music lessons....you get the picture!
  10. Doubt that this is what God has called me to do. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and like I can't effectively teach something, I secretly think to myself, "I can't do this". God is quick to remind me that "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" (Phil 4:13).

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Just as a side note, I also love the fact that my youngest just sent me an email from upstairs that said, "Mommy, I hope you know how much I love you, Love,Caroline". She wouldn't have been able to send that to me if she'd been in our local public school." I ~heart~ homeschooling!

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Hootin'Anni said...

Here, here!! ON the one mention of 'social skills'!! I think in today's times the social issue is way too over-exposed so to speak. The skills will come, and there's no need to panic in the school aged children!!

Love your list this week

Carrie! :o) said...

Sonya! I just love this list! You are so right about all 10!!! Social Skills ... GAG GAG! I get so tired of hearing about socialization. Blah!

Jenny said...

You know...our kids socialize with more ages than govt school children...in govt schools, the kids are hanging out with peers that are 6 months older or 6 months younger. I like that my kids are able to hang out with all different ages...babies to the elderly!

Do you remember my major concern when we were considering homeschooling?? I'll not share it here...I'm embarrased! lol!!

Trudi M said...

I admire your conviction. Please don't hate me because I teach in public school. We're not all bad. *smile*
Plus I teach special ed. and we don't always fit in. Our "jobs" are most likely very similar.
Thank you for visiting me. Please, check out my teaching blog once I start school you may like some of the ideas.

workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

we are a public school family but i admire you for what you are doing...we take it year by year but so far, i am pleased. God made us all different :)(fortunately, my children can pray anytime they want to) and say the pledge of alligiance! thanks for stopping by!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Good for you for being so convicted about the choices you have made regarding educating your children.

Coach J said...

I love your list! Although I've taught my kids they CAN pray whenever and where ever they are, and they do! I love the freedom HS provides b/c I'm not chained to an 8-to-3 pm day. My son will be going back to private school in a year, so we're enjoying what we're doing while we're doing it.
BTW, for others who would read your comments: we take HS year by year, and go where God leads. We've done it all: public, private, and HS. God is in each and every one!

Karla said...

I found your blog through Lauren at Baseballs and Bows!

I love this post. I am going to start "officially" homeschooling my daughter next year and can't wait. :-)

LoveMyStarr said...

Again, a great list! I used to think that socialization for homeschoolers was an issue, but then I met my husband and his siblings.