Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Reflection # 27

Well, I missed WR last week and I thought about skipping it this week. Honestly, I'm feeling lazy as far as blogging is concerned. However, my mom, aunts, and cousins like to read so I can't disappoint them! I've spent the past few weeks doing lots of stuff but mainly reading through Managers of Their Homes that my good friend Jenny loaned me. I'm trying to be more scheduled because I find I work better that way. I'm pretty "scattered" but I do like to have a plan in place for most things (that doesn't mean I always carry the plan out). Reading through this book is good for me. It is filled with things I already know and I know these things are successful. These are also things I don't do consistently. My desire is to be more consistent, more organized, more thoughtful, and more joyful about my role as a wife and mother. I have a bad habit of letting things get disorganized and chaotic, which makes me become bitter and completely worn out....which leads to all sorts of problems. Now that I've shared that, let's get on with what my week looked like!

The first few days of the week were pretty normal. I've been using the above mentioned book to make schedules for myself and the girls. I have also been gathering ideas, plans, and supplies for some of the new material we'll be using this year. It's coming together nicely and I hope to have things in order by next week so that we can start fresh. Caroline continues her piano lessons although we are making a teacher change in the coming weeks. Her current teacher is a super nice lady but I've come to the conclusion that we have different ideas of where Caroline is and should be going. I'm happy to say that a young lady in our church has agreed to give her lessons starting in September and we are very excited about that. At this point, it's been all fun and games but this young lady will really push Caroline. Now, all we have to get cleared up is the use of a piano! We don't have one yet (we do have a keyboard) so we are hoping to ask another family in the church to allow us use of their piano. Lord willing, this will all work out and we'll be able to take lessons from this young lady and we'll also have an added day of fellowship with the sweet family who may let us use their piano. Logan continues with the guitar and hopefully she'll get more of a workout in the coming weeks. The hubster has been really busy the past few weeks and has had little time to teach new lessons.

Friday, my friend K and I went to see Becoming Jane. We were able to grab a bite to eat beforehand and make a quick trip through the mall. We both enjoyed the movie although I had prepared myself for the worst. There were many things about Jane Austen's life that were not part of the movie and I think the romance was a bit overdone. There were many moments of humor in the movie but I'll have to admit it wasn't the best acting I've ever seen. After the movie, K and I spent some time talking and then we both headed off to get back to our families. When I got home, my BIL and two nephews were here so we were able to visit for awhile.

On Saturday, Jeff and I got up early and headed to the office of a friend. He is a realtor and needed ALOT of computer work done. We didn't realize just how much until we got there. I set up two new computer systems while Jeff tried to configure a print server. I also put network cards in four computers. That was fun! All together, we were working on five computers. We were switching them over to wireless and we did that successfully. Jeff was not able to get the print server going so we'll be going back to fix that real soon. What we didn't anticipate was that our friend would bring in two more of the realtors that work for them so I could teach them how to scan things, send attachments, and set up email accounts for both of them. Whew! I could not do this kind of work for a living. I'd be fired within an hour! One lady realtor caught on pretty quickly and she was gone in no time. The other sweet lady took much longer....two hours actually. I'm sure I sprouted many gray hairs during this time! LOL! I am of the personal opinion that all people need to have basic computer skills. Enough said. We returned home at 9:30pm. We were both very tired and the girls had been at home doing things all day. We picked up some food and brought it home and then we all sat around and watched the Colts game and the race, since it was in our neck of the woods this weekend.

Today we are stuck in the house for at least half the day as all the race traffic clears out. We live about four miles from the track and are right in the path of all the traffic pulling out to go home. It's pretty impossible for us to get to church two weekends a year because of the spring race and the August race. Today we'll just be hanging out around the house, wishing we could be with our church family, but also looking forward to worship with them next week.

I don't think I've taken one picture all week. I'll try and do better next week! I hope your week has been a good one. To read more WR's, hop over to Judi's.

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annie said...

Blogville is quiet this weekend.
Enjoyed reading about your week, I do much better with routines too.
Have a happy Sunday.

Vader's Mom said...

A fun but busy week. I'm always so impressed with people who can teach computer related things...I catch on, but I can't share my knowledge.

Carrie! :o) said...

Hi Sonya. I get in that bloggy funk, too. It's been pretty quiet in blog land lately. I think with summer coming to an end, we're all shifting gears some. :o)

Amberly said...

I've been wanting to read "Managers of Their Homes" for a long time, but haven't. You think it's worth the $25 price tag? I'd love to hear what you think about it!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I have heard that book is very good. I am also glad to hear about the movie. I had forgotten about it. From your review, I may just wait until it comes out on DVD. Hope the piano lessons work out well!

gail@more than a song said...

I think it's been very quiet in the blog world recently as Annie said.
You are so sweet to do updates so your family can read them!
Sounds like the movie might be a good rental. And isn't it wild that many people would go to a race and it be so much traffic!

Mandalyn said...

Glad you had a good week! I do so much better when I'm organized and don't feel chaotic!

I'm still looking forward to meeting you around Christmas time!

LoveMyStarr said...

Getting organized seems to be the hardest thing in the world for me. I really hope you are able to feel more organized.

What a great week to spend time with your family and friends.