Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Digital Cameras

About a year ago, Jeff and I were heading off to New York City. I knew I wanted to take tons of pictures but our digital camera was very outdated and bulky. We started a search for a new camera and after reading many reviews, we purchased a Canon Power Shot A540. It is compact and lightweight. It also takes pretty good pictures! This is very important because we take lots of pictures.

I use the camera almost on a daily basis. I take pictures of our homeschool science experiments, field trips, holidays, pets, and family vacations. These are moments that I want to remember forever. I want to share these memories with others also. I will be able to do that by scrapbooking the photos, emailing them to friends and family, or putting them on a cd. The possibilities are endless.

Recently, we snapped a photo of a beautiful barn at a living history museum near our house:

I also have my eye on a digital SLR camera. The Canon Digital Rebel XT looks very appealing with its 8.0 megapixels. I have seen photos taken with this particular camera and they are very crisp. If I ever get this camera, I will use it to take professional type photos of my children. In fact, I think this is what I need for Christmas!

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Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I bought the Canon Rebel about 6 months ago and I really do love it, though I still have lots to learn about all its features. Most of the recent photos on my blog are taken with it. I am really interested in learning Photoshop, too, as it can do some amazing things.

gail@more than a song said...

Great shot, I love that barn!
I've been wanting to get a new digital camera too but not sure what to look for...I like the bigger ones but they aren't as handy to put in your purse, which I love to do.

Sunny Kristi said...

We got the Canon Rebel a few months ago. I had wanted a Nikon because it is used a lot in scientific equipment (I was a scientist before a SAHM). But I am getting used to the Canon and it has served us well. Just watch out when you want to start buying all of the accessories and needing the extra storage space on your computer. Bye bye $$$!

Amberly said...

I got a Rebel XTi back in the spring. I LOVE IT! Of course, there are many features that I haven't taken full advantage of yet, but I hope to take some sort of photography class at some point. I'm like you in that I planned to take pictures of my kids instead of having their picture made. That in itself justified the cost of the camera. :)