Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lawsuit Insanities

I generally keep my opinions to myself or express them only to my husband. I have to tell you that I've been pushed today though. I feel like pulling some hair and smacking some faces. If you are wondering why I'm upset, you will have to read this article. It appears that you can sue anyone for anything! It seems that there are little to no boundaries on filing a lawsuit. Words can't describe how disturbing this article is to me. Unless I'm totally out of the loop, isn't there a risk of multiple pregnancies with IVF? Even if the woman told her doctor she only wanted one child, there is known evidence that IVF can lead to multiple births. And does she think her doctor is God? The research is everywhere. So, did the woman not read this? Did she think she was exempt from this possibility? From what I've read, spontaneous splitting can occur, although rare, which results in twin births. Seems to me that there was a chance of this happening anyway.

I guess what gets me the most is that now she has these two baby girls to care for. One of these days, they will find out that their parents sued a doctor for money because they only wanted one baby. Don't you think the girls will wonder which one the mom didn't really want? How heartbreaking is that?!!!

I am continually amazed at the things I read in the news on a daily basis. It's so ridiculous that I try not to read it very often. This article took me back to the quote I mentioned this week by Thomas Watson. And if the woman wants to give one of the babies away, by all means, bring the child to my door step. I will gladly raise this precious gift that was given to such an ungrateful woman! Stepping down now......even though I'm still peeved!

Maybe I should sue my neighbor because he didn't wave back to my kids twice this week....

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Tiff said...

OMG! How heartbreaking! I'm adopted so this really makes me angry!!!

Thanks for stopping by my place!

gail@more than a song said...

I didn't read all of the article but I see it's about lawsuits and babies, we've had quite a time of that here in MS. I think some of it has been reformed now but OB's were quitting practicing in droves because of all the lawsuits over babies, it's ridiculous what some people were going to sue about! One friend at church had a lady sue him because she got pregnant! His wife said, it seems like babies should be blessings instead of true.

Coach J said...

You're so right! This is going to affect the children much more than any amount of money can compensate! I'm with you--bring that child to me, and I'll love it and raise it.

Corrie said...

Hey Sonya!
That is really sad...not surprising though, in this crazy world we are abiding in!