Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Flash Drives

My husband loves electronic gadgets. He is like a kid in a candy store anytime we go to an electronics store. He buys alot of things online and has spent hours doing research on various electronics items. Not long ago, he expressed a need for a flash drive. I thought he was nuts and told him that he'd never use such a device. He won that argument and proceeded to order one. Since he got that little thing, he has used it more times than I care to admit. Since he works from home most of the time, the flash drive really comes in handy. Without it, there's no way he could work from home because he couldn't easily transport his files. It seems they are very popular with most business people who need to have portable data. It's smaller than a money clip so it looks pretty cool also. Most of them even come with a neat little neck strap so you can just throw it on and go. I'm learning to embrace the flash drive. I am thankful for it because without it, hubby would be stuck in a lonely cubicle all day!

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