Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Unveiling of Santa

As a child, my husband was a firm believer in Santa. Imagine the shock he suffered when, at the early age of 8, he discovered his parents had lied to him. When he found out that there wasn't a hefty old man climbing down the chimney delivering toys, he was crushed. He shared this story with our children and he vowed never to lie to them about things like this. Before he discovered the truth, he had fun writing and receiving Letters From Santa , leaving cookies out, and getting up early on Christmas morning. We don't celebrate Christmas like we used to but we enjoy it all the same. Now, we enjoy each other, good food, our extended family, and all of the wonderful blessings God has bestowed upon us. It's a different way of celebrating but the celebration is so much more sweet; knowing that we have a merciful God providing for our every need and watching over us with every step we take.

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

We don't do Santa in our house for that very reason -- my husband felt lied to and betrayed by his parents when he found out about Santa. We don't want our children to feel the same way.

zamejias said...

My parent made us believe of Santa when we were young but gave us hint that Santa is someone close to us. And as we grow older, we already have an idea on who Santa really is. :D

jenny-up the hill said...

I remember finding out about Santa in the Kmart parking lot...I refused to believe what I was being told and that is why I still, to this day, leave several biscuits out for the jolly ol' fellow! LOL!!