Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sounds of the Season

We are going out the door and heading to West Virginia to spend the next few days with my mom. She and I will be in the kitchen early in the morning preparing the 22 pound turkey I bought. I can hardly wait! I had to run a few last minute errands before heading out and I found several stations on XM radio that were already playing Christmas music. Bonus! Thank goodness my hubby talked me into XM. It's wonderful!

As I was driving around, I was flipping between the three stations playing the music. That's when I was faced with the ultimate dilemma. Bing Crosby was on one station, Tony Bennett on another, and yes, Dean Martin on the third station. I wanted to listen to all three simultaneously. What?!!! I have to choose one. "How is it possible", I thought to myself. I settled on Dean Martin since I knew I'd be playing lots of Bing and Tony over the next month. It was a tough choice though. If that wasn't enough pressure, as I pulled into our driveway, the Carpenters were coming on. Now come on!!! Y'all know that no woman sings Christmas like Karen Carpenter! Of course I did what any sane person would do. I sat in the car in our driveway until the song was over! LOL!

So I have to wonder, who do you listen to when it comes to holiday music? The artists I mentioned are not the only ones we listen to. We have A LOT of holiday music. Of course hubby has to have Mannheim Steamroller, we have Alabama, several bluegrass artists, and one of the kids favorites, The California Raisins! What fun that cd is. Hubby usually has a rule that we can't listen to any holiday music until Thanksgiving Day so I can't wait until tomorrow to pop in the Raisins while we eat!

I hope your Thanksgiving is absolutely wonderful! I also hope you listen to lots and lots of holiday music.

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe trip.

Man, I love the classics (Tony Bennett is my personal favorite) -- but I also do the cheesy 70-80's holiday pop. My husband knows I'm wrapping presents when Wham's "Last Christmas" comes on. ;)

gail@more than a song said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun with your family.
I listen to quite a variety of Christmas stuff...Harry Connick, Bing Crosby, Josh Groban, Mannheim Steamroller and lots of other varied cd's. I'd forgotten about XM christmas stations...hubby has XM in his truck but we can get it on our computer too, thanks for the reminder!

Borrego said...

I also hope I have a good thanksgiving, but no idea yet.