Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Bathroom Sink

On a recent visit to our house, my mom decided to paint my main bathroom vanity. Not one to argue, I let her do it and all I had to do was put the doors back on. First, I needed to buy new hardware to mount them back on with. Guess where the doors to the vanity are? Yep, still laying around the house, waiting for me to get to Lowe's.

The fixtures in the house are from the 80's and as I cleaned the bathroom sink this morning, I thought, hey, I should buy a new faucet for this freshly painted vanity. Some of my favorite faucets are made by Price Pfister. I'm thinking that it would be an injustice to put new hardware on the vanity doors and not replace that ugly old faucet. Y'all know I'm right! So I'm going to go look around to pick out a nice, cool looking faucet with a nickel finish! Then, and only then, will I put the bathroom back together :-o)

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