Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Time for a Dyson

Well, it is time to start comparing vacuum cleaners. Mine seems to be biting the dust. It is not picking up well at all and it feels broken. I want to invest in a really good one this time around so I am looking into buying a Dyson. A friend has a Dyson Root Cyclone and I've used it a few times. I love it. The thing I love most about this vacuum cleaner is that it never looses suction. It is also approved for allergy sufferers, which is perfect for our house. My oldest daughter and I have allergy issues and we need all the help we can get! It has a five year guarantee and Dyson has just added a parts and accessories section to their Web site. This is perfect since our vacuum tools seem to disappear every time I turn around. I'm sure my kids have no idea about that though! One tool I would invest in right off is the mattress tool. I'm constantly reading about dust mites and having this tool would help me sleep easier at night. Crazy, I know, but I don't like bugs. Especially the ones I can't see!

How about you? Do you have a Dyson or are you planning on buying one? What is your opinion? If you are thinking of buying one, I would suggest checking out the Dyson Web site to read up on all the details. It is very easy to navigate and full of useful information. You'll find everything you need to help you make an informed decision.

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zamejias said...

5 years guarantee? That's great! Really.

But my vacuum at home is still functional. Been using it mostly for our bedroom (because I'm extra cautious with my toddler). And yes, just the thought of dust mites makes me feel uneasy.

Anyway, I have a tag for you here. I hope you can do this...if you're not too busy. But I'll understand if you can't.

Happy weekend and thanks for always returning the favor of visiting. :D