Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Freeze It

My husband has always been a baseball player. He has played since he was a young boy. He played baseball in high school, as well as football for a short time. The struggle of being involved with two sports finally caught up with him and he gave up football. Baseball was his passion and he loved his position as catcher. Over the years, it really took a toll on his ankles and feet. He spent most of the time in a squatting position so you can imagine what that must have done to his feet over time. Even now, he still suffers from muscle and joint pain. Many times when he is walking, I hear his hips pop. It makes me cringe each time I hear it. As he gets older, it seems to get worse. I recently heard about something that could be of great help to him.

Freeze It Gel is a combination of Aloe, Vitamin E, pain reliever, and an herbal extract that you rub on your muscles and joints. It is used to treat muscle strains, arthritis pain, and can even be used before bedtime to relieve pain or discomfort. It can also be used to help with rehabilitation or training. If you use it during your cool down period, it will help lessen next day pain. You simply rub it on the affected area and it starts to work almost immediately. One thing I especially love is that you can get it in the standard squeeze tube or opt to get it in roll on form. No more greasy hands! You can find Freeze It at CVS, Walmart, and Rite Aid, as well as many other chains. I'd love for my husband to win a year's supply of it so that I wouldn't have to listen to his hips pop for at least that long! I would also love to try it on my achy joints! Being an athlete myself, I have the same sort of joint and muscle pain. I spent many years as a runner and the impact has really taken a huge toll on my knees and ankles. In fact, if my hubby were to win a year's supply of it, I'd probably stash a few tubes of it for myself! If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, arthritis, or painful movement, I urge you to check it out.


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