Thursday, November 29, 2007

Make Up Mirrors

Are you looking for a fabulous gift for a lady in your family? My mom is one that we are working on right now. She's pretty easy to buy for since she loves to pick up things at thrift stores and redo them. When we were at her house over Thanksgiving, I noticed she had some lighting issues in her bathrooms. The main bathroom that everyone uses is pretty small and it is kind of dark. It makes it hard to go in there and put on your makeup without coming out looking like a clown. The problem seems to be that her mirror is too far away from the light fixture. I've even heard her complain about it on occasion. I'm thinking if she had one of these makeup mirrors , she (or anyone else) would not have trouble seeing in there anymore. There are tons of different kinds of mirrors but I love the ones that mount to the wall and you can pull out. It's perfect. She could install it beside her normal bathroom mirror and just pull it out whenever she needed to see better to "put her face on", as she says. There are so many choices and while I'm at it, I should pick up a mirror for our shower. My hubby is constantly talking about how he could save time by shaving in the shower, if only he had a mirror.

I'm off to do some browsing. These will make perfect gifts!

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gail@more than a song said...

I have one that's on the wall and can pull out...I LOVE it!