Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Troll In My Vacuum

Today was quite a day. I had to go to the doctor early and then stop by Walmart for several things we needed. I really dislike Walmart this time of year. It's always so busy and it seems they never have enough people on duty. It's crazy. Anyway, the girls were home doing chores and schoolwork and by the time I got home, it was after lunch. I jumped right into grammar with Caroline and Logan went to another area to work on her math. After I had gone over the grammar lesson with Caroline, I grabbed my laptop and tried to check my email. I was getting caught up when my internet connection went down and I finally gave up. I'm very impatient where the internet is concerned. That's another whole post.

I thought I'd get some chores done myself so off I went. I started to vacuum a rug and noticed that my almost dead Hoover was not picking up. I decided to flip it up and look underneath to see if there was a problem. I wish I had taken a picture of what it looked like. Honestly, I thought I had sucked up a troll. There was so much hair and other stuff wrapped around the little brush thing that I just sat there for a minute, taking it all in. I took the bottom part off so I could remove the brush and I started cleaning it off. It was nasty. Are you supposed to clean this thing regularly? I never hear anyone talk about that. I don't know but obviously I don't clean mine. I really think I could have made a wig out of the hair I pulled off of it.

If that wasn't fun enough, the kids informed me that one of our kitties had made another mess that I just had to see. This particular kitty has issues. Mental issues. She has a bad habit of playing with the toilet paper roll in our master bathroom. I'm not sure what she finds so fascinating. She doesn't just play with it. She demolishes it. You'd think that Edward Scissorhands had been in there! The kids told me that they just couldn't clean it up until I saw it. I have to admit, it was funny. The problem is that this kitty does this quite often and it wastes a lot of tissue. I try to remember to close the door but I forget. A lot.

Don't let her cute face fool you!

The pile of demolished tissue

This is her trademark

Everything is cleaned up now and it's almost time to start supper. I'm off to make some beef ravioli with tomato cream sauce and a nice salad. I hope you've had a nice day. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Our UT Vols play LSU for the SEC championship on Saturday. That should be interesting. On Sunday night, we are off to Knoxville to watch the Lady Vols play North Carolina. That should also be a very interesting game. What are you doing this weekend?

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Wow! That is quite something! Housework never ends, does it?

jenn said...

Your cat is beautiful!!! I could never get mad at that face. The TP thing is kinda funny...hehehe!

I've never cleaned the bottom of my vacuum, but might just go take a looksy under there.

Anonymous said...

I guess that would inhibit cleaning! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think my hubby is thinking about trying to get last minute UT tickets, but I will be staying put no matter what. I start teaching Sunday school on Sunday morning, so I don't want to have to go and drive home after the game on Saturday. However, I am guessing that he probably won't go. He's probably just wishing!

annie said...

Wow! Looks like quite a mess.
Your supper sounds yummy!
We have Emelia's honor choir concert tomorrow, then visitors coming, birthday party at the skating ring, more visitors and then more visitors later. I'm sitting here blogging and looking at all I should do to prepare for my company! Oh well... Sunday is church, lunch, nap, church, dinner! (and more company!)
Have a great weekend!