Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Memory Foam Rocks!

I mentioned recently that my hubby and I went into a local mattress store and tried out all the tempurpedic mattresses. We ended up buying one and we've slept like babies for the past two weeks. We wake up talking about how comfortable it is and how we don't want to get out of bed because of it. It was quite an investment but one we're happy with.

What really interests me is that NASA did the research to produce a material to relieve the g-force pressures felt by astronauts. From there, scientists perfected this material to make the mattresses put out by Tempur-Pedic and Angel Beds. I can't tell you how much difference there is in memory foam mattresses and regular spring mattresses. There is no comparison. The memory foam mattress conforms to your body shape and you are instantly comfortable. I'm an extremely light sleeper and I toss a lot on spring mattresses. Since getting our new one, I've laid down in one position and woke up the same way. It's amazing. My hubby opted to get a memory foam pillow too. I blew that off thinking there was no way I was going to spend that much money on a pillow. However, after sleeping on his while having my wisdom teeth out, I'm kicking myself. I don't have to fluff it. It conforms to my head and I'm asleep within five minutes.

I say all of this to stress a point. If you have trouble sleeping due to discomfort, you should try these products. You'll be amazed. I know I am. Angel Beds seems to have considerably lower prices on their mattresses too. I've never tried one but if it's the same material as Tempur-Pedic for half the cost, then that's a great deal. If I had known about them before we purchased ours, I would have definitely tried them out first because of the excellent prices. If you're in the market for a mattress, check them out. You'll never sleep the same again!

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Anonymous said...

Back Pain is a pain in my… well… back!
I was hit by a car a few years ago and since then I have suffered a lot of lower back pain and back ache! I was on strong painkillers for awhile but then I was getting addicted to them so had to drop them before it got too bad. That was about a year ago now and since then I have been looking for alternate ways of relieving the pain and aching until a month ago I was struggling to find anything that helped but I managed to get hold of a memory foam mattress and I finally got a good night’s sleep! It was great! memory foam mattresses support my back where its needed relieving the pain and relaxing the muscles. I’m moving in with my girlfriend and I’m thinking of buying a king size memory foam mattress which will help me sleep but I have a feeling that her snoring will keep me awake anyway!