Saturday, December 29, 2007

In Need of New Luggage

When is the last time you took a trip? Was it a long trip or a short one? When I take a trip, I over pack. I'm not sure why I started doing that. I guess I just want to be prepared in case of emergency. When hubby and I went to NY last year, I packed so much that I could not have put one more item in the suitcase. I always hide when it's time for him to pack our luggage into the car. I just know when he lifts my suitcase, he's going to ask what all I've packed!

We've never been the type of family to take a week long vacation. We've always taken long weekend trips. I think the longest trip we've been on, as a family, has been about four nights. We take several of these short trips every year. 2008 will be even no exception since my hubby has decided to start competing in bagpipe competitions. Because ours took such a beating on the trip to NY, we'll need to purchase new luggage sets for these travels. His first competition is in February, in Charleston, SC. I'm looking forward to his ventures in this area because I know how much he loves playing the pipes. I will not be able to go on every trip with him but I hope to accompany him on quite a few of them. I love going to new places and seeing all of the things it has to offer. How about you? Do you travel? Do you like to travel? If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

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