Thursday, January 31, 2008


Man oh man, what will they think of next! If it isn't cool enough that you can get movies delivered to your mailbox, now a company called Gamefly delivers games to your mailbox! It will be all the rage, mark my words. If you've got a PS2, PS3, Xbox, Game Cube, Nintendo, Game Boy, or Wii user in your home, watch out!

Gamefly offers the same kind of service that Netflix and Blockbuster Online does. They have over 5,000 titles, offer free shipping and returns, and no late fees. I showed it to the girls earlier and they were very excited. They have an Xbox and they enjoy playing it together. We don't buy many games because they're just too expensive! Of course, when they have their own money and want to invest in a new game, they can but almost always buy a used copy.

The subscription is a bit pricey but I found some Gamefly coupons that are worth using. I'm not sure we're ready to commit to a subscription but for hard core gamers, this is probably much cheaper than going to a store and renting games on a regular basis. It is worth checking out if you have a gamer in your house.

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Lynden said...

These coupons are great. I'm a big fan of gamefly and have been a subscriber for close to a year. We're a gaming family so it makes sense. You're right about the ridiculous cost of new games and that is exactly why we've chosen to go the gamefly route. They've got everything and are very good about posting ESRB ratings and offering parental control features to block access to mature games to the younger kids. That in and of itself was a huge selling point for us and we ended up giving a few gift certificates this year for Christmas based on that feature alone. Another nice feature is being able to buy games at a steep discount directly from gamefly. It's great to be able to actually play something a bit before you commit to buying it and while our purchases are few and far between, we always end up with games that have staying power this way and we get them at a fraction of their retail price. Great service all around, highly recommended for anyone with gamers in the house.