Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ten On Tuesday ~ Ten Things I Love

I think this one will be very easy for me. I love many things, as my blog name reflects. These are only a few of the many, but several of these are the most important things in life.

  1. The Lord ~ Apart from His grace, I would be lost and wandering in this world. I am so glad that He chose me, loves me, and continues to refine me.
  2. My husband ~ God sent the perfect man for me. We complement each other so well and we truly did become one when we married.
  3. My children ~ I am convinced that I have the most wonderful children in the world. They are the apple of my eye.
  4. My duty ~ As wife and mother, I am absolutely fulfilled. I love that God designed this role for women and I seek to glorify Him through it.
  5. My extended family ~ I have the sweetest mom, the most wonderful in-laws, two awesome aunties (Kat and Z, I love ya!), many cousins, a beautiful (almost) 85 year old grandma, and the best church family in the world.
  6. Our pets ~ All five kitties and our cuddly mini-schnauzer.
  7. My friends ~ I have many and I cherish them all. Jenny happens to be the closest to me and we totally "get" each other. She gets more praise because of that! I have to say that I really have enjoyed making internet friends this past year or so. Y'all are great!
  8. Good food ~ And lots of it! LOL! Mexican and Japanese are my favorite. Pizza is a food I could eat for every meal. I also really love chocolate chip cookie dough pop tarts. Since I started weight watchers a few weeks ago, all of this food is "off the table" until by goal is reached. Oddly enough, weight watchers recipes are really pretty good.
  9. My MacBook ~ It's like an extra arm. I communicate mostly via email and chat because I detest phones. I bank, do lesson plans, keep records and recipes, and do odd jobs on it. Many women love their shoes or pocketbooks. Me, you'll find me hugging my Mac. That's how I roll!
  10. Life ~ I love every minute of it. The only way it could be better would be if I could live it without sin.

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storyteller said...

What a wonderful list! (and what a delightful meme). I've not heard of 10 on Tuesdays before, but I'm off to check others doing this “10 on Tuesdays thing” ... and maybe I'll give it a go next week on Tuesday too.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this list.

I think this is the second time I have read that you like cookie dough pop tarts. I have to try those the next time I go to the store. :-)

Teena said...

We've got a dog and two kitties and they made my list too :)

I played!

annie said...

What a sweet happy list!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list. What a blessing to have such a fulfilled and joyful life. I feel the same way!

Misty said...

your list is quite possibly perfect!

I found you from Cre8buzz and I love your blog. I do. It's true. There is this feel here, reading your words... They lift my spirit.