Monday, May 26, 2008

Moms At Home

While I'm waiting to hear all of your responses about getting my digital photos organized (see the post below this one), I'm spending most of my online time looking for coupons. With gas and groceries going up the way they have been, I want to stockpile what I can as I find good sales. While searching for coupons and such, I came across a new group called Moms At Home. This is a great place for moms to talk about anything and everything. It's rather new so there are only a few members at present but I hope many sign up. I can see this being very helpful. We can share anything from struggles at home to coupon codes to favorites. If you think this may prove helpful to you, go on over and sign up. I'm hoping to learn many great tips from other moms!

I almost forgot, there's a contest connected to all of this. Go to Nessa's Place to get in on it!

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