Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When Hubby's Away.....

The girls will play........Well, not exactly.

While hubby is away this week, the girls and I have a top secret project planned. Last year, we painted the shutters and front door and didn't tell him what color we'd picked. He had no idea until he returned home at the end of the week. We had a blast surprising him. This year is no exception. We didn't even tell him we were doing a secret project. In case he reads this post, I can't share the details. Just know that it's a big project and we are having a blast doing it. I think we have so much fun because we know he'll be extra happy about this one. It's so much fun to plan how we'll reveal it to him too!

At first we were thinking we'd get him a cool gift, like a Luminox Navy SEAL Watch. He loves cool gadgets like that. However, we realized there was really no way we could order something without him knowing. Plus, what would happen if it didn't arrive in time? We finally resolved to doing this project for him instead.

He comes home on Friday evening so I'll share our project on Saturday. We're working hard today to finish it so that we can take off tomorrow and see a movie. Some local movie theaters show cheap or free movies for children in the summer. We'll be going to see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and admission is only $1 per person! Can't beat that with a stick so we jumped on it. Christian Spotlight gave it 5 stars for quality and a better than average rating for content. Sounds good to me. I'll review it for you on Sunday.

I hope you're have a great Tuesday!


Joyful Days said...

See, here I was feeling all proud that while Daddy was away at our house this week the boys got fed, the laundry pile did NOT get as high as Everest and the dishes were only backed up in the sink by one meal.

NOW you tell me there are surprise projects that should be done???!!! Oy!

I am such a slacker. :)

Colleen said...

Can't wait to hear what the secret project is!

Shawna said...

How awesome are ya'll!! I can't wait to here about the project.

We used to have a $1 movie theater here. They were open all year but finally shut their doors while I was in college. It was so much fun!