Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ten On Tuesday ~ Ten Fav Movie Characters

These are ten of my favorites. I've got a million favorites though. It's hard to narrow them down to just ten!

  1. Jason Bourne (The Bourne Trilogy)~ One of my favorite characters ever!
  2. Batman ~ Michael Keaton and Christian Bale are my favs in this role.
  3. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) ~ He's almost the perfect man :-o)
  4. Mr. Knightly (Emma) ~ I like him almost as much as Mr. Darcy.
  5. Peter Parker (Spiderman) ~ He's sweet and innocent by day and courageous by night.
  6. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ~ So funny!
  7. Michael Meyers ~ Still scares me to death! It's the mask.
  8. Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) ~ Strong, smart, witty.....love this role.
  9. 007 (Sean Connery) ~ The name's Bond.....James Bond.
  10. Jane Eyre (from Jane Eyre)~ One of my favorite books and I love the movie just as much.

Who are your favorites? Check out more favorites at yanowhatimean.com. Enjoy!


Where You? said...

The Christian Bale Batman, was the one that got me into Batman... not so much on the other campy versions... Happy Tues!

Shannon H. said...

I love Michael Keaton as Batman! Michael Meyers is scary but I still watch the movies LOL

Nina said...

I like the new "Bond", but "Sir Sean Connery" will forever and always be James Bond!

Have a good day.

frenchkys said...

Ace Ventura! Hilarious!

Awesome list you got there. Have a great week. ;)

Misty said...

Jason Bourne, of course!!! He should top everyone's list!
As well as Peter Parker.
And Mr. Darcy... good list! (I don't know about Micheal Myers though. I prefer Freddy Krueger because he is really great at his sarcastic puns... That's important in a gruesome serial killer, IF I had to choose...)

Irishcoda said...

All terrific characters! We didn't match but I agree with every one you picked for your list! :)

Shawna said...

Those two Batmans were my favorites, too. I can't decide between them which one I like better because they played the roles so differently. I also like both ride & Prejudice Darcy characters from the movie and BBC miniseries.

Tuppence said...

I love all the Austen characters you picked!

Joyce said...

I listed Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennett as well. :)

pjd said...

Several literary characters. Interesting.

Coach J said...

Love Jason Bourne. :) As a matter of fact, our guest preacher on Sunday morning based his sermon off the Bourne trilogy. Pretty cool!

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