Monday, August 4, 2008

Trying To Catch Up

The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy in our house and I feel like we need a little vacation. This morning, I was browsing some Orlando vacations since I know many people who've traveled there and loved it. I've always wanted to go to Sea World. That would be a real treat. I love animals and would love to be in the water with dolphins. I'd be scared to death for a little bit but once we warmed up to each other, I'd be fine.

Gas is just so outrageous now that it will be a while before we can actually take a vacation. It seems that every time we get in the car, we are trying to figure out how many things we can combine into one trip. I think we've finally decided to trade our Toyota 4-Runner and get a new small car that's good on gas. Our Echo is great. It's just that it has a lot of miles and needs to be our secondary car. We're trying to save toward the new car for a few months and once we get enough saved, we'll start looking. I think we can work a pretty good deal with a trade in and a substantial amount paid toward the new car. It's been 8 years since we bought a new car so it should be interesting.

Our garden is doing extremely well this year and I'll be sharing pictures in the coming days. I've got squash, zucchini, green beans, okra, jalapenos, cucumbers, and tomatoes to use up this week. I can't wait for our roma tomatoes ripen so that we can start making salsa!

Hope things are going well for you. What have you been up to?


annie said...

I loved Seaworld in Orlando!

gail@more than a song said...

I'm hoping we can go on vacation somewhere but hubby has been too busy with work (irrigation) and still no rain for us to ease the load!
He's been busy and my daughter and I have been doing things around the house; plus we went to see Mamma Mia.

Mark said...

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Shawna said...

It's nice now that Matt doesn't have to drive into work. We save a lot on gas. I hope ya'll are able to find a good deal.

Maria Shaun said...

I haven't seen Sea world in my whole life cuz life's too busy. i could imaging that how much fascinating is that. Swimming,late night Bar BQ's and sea side houses made me crazy, i wish i could go there with my family.

Ashley said...

Yea i have gone there twice in vacation its really awesome,the climate and sceneries takes your heart away.

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Nanny said...

Me and family visited Seaworld every year in vacations, its great to be there,without busy and stressful life.
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