Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Got Ideas?

I'm a sucker for cute party invitations. I love finding them marked down after any given holiday. I usually stock up and the following year, I've got lots of cute little cards to send out. I've seen some really cute Halloween invitations out there but my favorites are birthday invitations. I've used up most of the ones I got last year so I'm on the lookout for more. Yesterday while in Target, I saw these adorable note cards with initials on the front. I resisted the urge to toss some in my basket but I kind of wish I had snagged a few. They were really cute with colors that I just love.

What I need to do is learn to make my own. I could get as creative as I wanted. I never attempt that though because I don't feel very creative. Some people can dream things up instantly in their head. It takes me much longer. If you know if any sites that might help get my creative juices flowing, send them my way!


Corrie said...

I really enjoy making cards and usually use rubber stamps and any cute paper I can find at hobby lobby, etc. The best way to learn is to hang out for a bit making cards with someone you know who already does it. I love the initial cards that you are talking about. Honestly, you can even keep things really simple and just stamp one image on a colored cardstock...I have done that before. It's simple and cute.
Good luck, Sonya! =)