Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Tour: Green Works Cleaning Wipes

Recently, thanks to Mom Central, I was able to try out a new product called Green Works Cleaning Wipes. I'm a sucker for a good, fresh, clean smell and these wipes had just that! In fact, they smell better than any other cleaning wipes I've ever used. I quickly put them to use in my laundry room and bathrooms.

Green Works cleaning wipes are made with natural ingredients, including essential oils and coconut-based cleaners. They are safe to use on multiple surfaces and I love the way my bathrooms smelled when I was finished. Another neat thing about the wipes is that they are biodegradable so they are environmentally friendly. Just throw the used wipes in your compost pile and you're done!

As one who is trying to purchase things that are more environmentally friendly, I definitely give these wipes a thumbs up and look forward to trying more Green Works products in the future!


gail@more than a song said...

I haven't seen these yet! Have used the clorox wipes though so maybe can find these sometime.